Tile Installation


The right tiles, coupled with professional installation can definitely transform your home or any space. Tiles are inhospitable to germs, dust, mites, and molds, making them the perfect solution for people with allergies. Tiles have been one of the most widely utilized products for many years, whether it be for floors, bathrooms, kitchen counters or even a modern accent wall. Properly installed Tiles will last a lifetime, allowing you the ease of minimal maintenance. 


TriniHelper offers a wide range of tile installation services, ranging from floor and wall tiles. We install Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone and Mosaic tiles for customers across Trinidad & Tobago. Our tile installation includes a thorough assessment of the existing area and our installers determine the best preparation needed for a neat finish. Once it is determined, measurements are taken and an estimate is given to our customers for approval.  Our estimates are generated with consideration of the following factors which directly influences the cost of installation.


Type of Tile - When it comes to tile selection, most suppliers in Trinidad & Tobago carry a range of Ceramic, Porcelain or Stone tiles. Differences in density, hardness, and thickness among these types result in each posing different degrees of difficulty for cutting. As a result, installation of stone tiles, which are the most difficult to cut will take more time than ceramic which is the easiest to work with.


Wall vs. Floor - Placement of tiles also affects the cost of installation. Of the two, floor tiles are easier to install than wall tiles. This is because floor tiles are easily placed and kept in position when compared to wall tiles which require placement at heights and are subject to slippage.


Installation Pattern - There are several installation patterns to choose from when installing your tiles. The most common pattern, sometimes referred to as 'No Pattern' is the Straight (or Stack Bond) Pattern. This pattern is easy to align, requires minimal cutting and is typically the lowest cost.  A popular variant of this is the Brick (Or Half Bond) pattern which also requires minimal cutting but takes additional time for alignment.  A second variant of the Straight Pattern is the Diagonal pattern which is easy to align but requires more cutting around the border of the room; this method is typically most costly requiring additional installation hours and material wastage.


The area to be tiled - The area to be tiled also affects the cost of tile installation. Larger jobs typically have lower per sq.ft costs as mobilization and preparation costs are spread over the larger areas.  For this reason, it may be beneficial to tile a large area or group a number of smaller areas together as a single job rather than do them separately.

Tile Installation by TriniHelper

TriniHelper has teamed up with a number of top-rated tiling professionals across Trinidad and Tobago.  With over 12 years experience, our installers ensure that you get a seamless experience and high-quality installation every time. We have worked with our installers and standardized our installation prices, to ensure that you get the value for money. To get instant estimates and request a quotation for your tiling job, use our Tile Installation Calculator or our Bathroom Tiling Calculator.


See below for images of TriniHelper tile installation jobs.