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Textured Wall Paper

Christmas preparations are already in full swing and with it come the cleaning, decorating and home upgrades that have come to be expected around this time of year. Many homeowners are no doubt in the process of selecting paints to repaint their homes and give each room a fresh, new look ahead of the New Year.

While painting is popular around this time of year, you should however know that you have other options. Wallpaper is an alternative option for changing up the look of your indoor spaces. Wallpaper can add color, design and style to a room that a regular paint job just cannot accomplish and it can actually be more cost effective in the long run. Wallpaper that is installed properly can last up to 15 years, almost three times as long as paint. It adheres to walls smoothly and easily and is an easy and inexpensive way to hide imperfections in your walls. What’s even better is that wallpaper comes in a range of textures and designs so you will find something that suits your tastes. You can choose to go with a simple “flat” design however textured wallpaper can add an extra flair to your room.

Textured wallpaper is designed to look three-dimensional. You can find wallpaper that mimics the look of wood, brick, stone etc. You can even effects like pearl and

glitter, suede, beads, foils and grass. There is a wide range of wallpaper textures on the market.

Textured wallpaper can have a flat surface with a design that makes it look almost 3D, or it can actually have some raised elements on the surface. This raised, three dimensional look is great at masking flaws on your wall as it distracts the eye. It hides rough spots, holes, cracks and other defects that would otherwise be costly and time consuming to fix.

Some people tend to shy away from using wallpaper as it is trickier to install, but the overall effect is worth the extra effort. Once you decide to give wallpaper a try, you may be asking yourself what kind design you should go with. Well, your wallpaper should match the theme of your room and your existing furniture. You don’t want to have an antique look throughout your room with traditional furnishings but have modern, metallic wallpaper. Stripes and damask designs pair well with traditional furnishings.

Keep in mind that the patterns you choose will have different effects on your space. For instance, horizontal patterns can make your room feel wider while vertical patterns can make your ceiling feel higher than it is. Much like paint, dark colors and patterns will make your room seem smaller. If you are applying

wallpaper in a room with no windows or natural light sources, look for patterns that will reflect light and brighten the room. Bright colors and designs will make your room feel more spacious. If a “romantic” mood is what you’re going for, consider an intricate floral design. This can work well in bedrooms.

Once you settle on a pattern or design, you will also have to decide how you plan to use your wallpaper. Will it cover one accent wall or used throughout the room? A dramatic, bold color on one wall can give your room a glamorous look. You can also blend wallpaper with other wall decorations like chair rails and borders, or fill the entire room in one wallpaper for a smooth, uniform look.

Despite the name, wall paper isn’t strictly for walls. You can also use it on your ceilings.

You will also need to look at the type of backing on your wallpaper before you decide to p