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Accent Walls

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like there was something missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? The furniture is perfect, the décor is tasteful, the lighting is great and all aspects of the room come together nicely. But it’s still missing that “oomph” factor? Well, your room just might need an accent wall.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

It’s not quite clear who first came up with this design idea but it has been around for several years and is in fact one of the more modern home décor trends.

So what exactly is an accent wall? Simply put, it’s a wall in your room that stands out from the others and draws attention. It is the focal point of the room and is the first thing you notice when you walk in. There is nothing wrong with having a room in one colour. A uniform look is still elegant and will never go out of style. However, for people who want to express their personalities a little more and are attracted to bold styles, an accent wall is the way to go.

An accent wall can be simple, just painted in a different colour than the rest of the room. It can be a solid colour that contrasts with the other walls (e.g. yellow vs red), or it can be a complimentary colour that is in the same family of the colour of your main walls, but much lighter or darker (e.g. light blue vs dark blue). Or it can be complex with patterns and designs that catch the eye (e.g. stripes, stars, floral patterns etc.) There is no limit to what you can do with an accent wall. But there are some guidelines you should keep in mind.

Planked Accent Wall