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Furniture Restoration

For many people, the first instinct they get when an item of furniture gets old and worn out is to throw it away. It’s not unusual, especially here in Trinidad, to see items like old wooden chairs, tables, dressers and bed frames thrown out in the garbage in favour of purchasing new ones.

But new furniture can be pricey. And sometimes, all the old furniture needs is a bit of care to bring it back to a pristine state. So don’t be so quick to throw that old desk or dining set out. Don’t rule out purchasing used furniture either.

Refinishing old furniture is not only cheaper than purchasing new items, but can help you keep those cherished items in your family for a long time. In fact, refinishing may be the better choice as older items of furniture are often of better quality than the mass produced furniture available on the market today. They don’t make furniture like they used to. So a piece built in the 1950’s may not be looking its best now, but it may be structurally stronger and more durable than anything you can purchase today. It might even be visually nicer than anything you can find in your local furniture store. So why not restore it?

What is refinishing? Well, this is the process in which the original layer of a piece of wooden furniture is stripped away, and a new, fresh layer applied. Professional refinishing can do wonders for old or damaged pieces of furniture and antiques and help breathe new life into them. An old wardrobe or cabinet could very well become a sentimental family heirloom passed down for generations.

A lot of work goes into refinishing furniture to have the items looking good as new. An item that has been sitting neglected in your garage should first and foremost be cleaned to remove all the excess dirt and grime. The outer layer can then be removed by sanding until all the glossiness is gone and only bare wood is visible. From here, the bare wood can be stained, varnished or painted over to your liking.

The process can be intimidating and may require additional work to even out dents and chips, but once done by a professional, will have your item looking store ready.