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Interior Ceiling Finishes

When constructing or refurbishing a home, a lot of emphasis is usually placed on selecting the right tiles for floors or the perfect colour paint for walls.

Considerable effort goes into these areas, but one crucial area is often overlooked.

The ceiling

A ceiling should be considered the fifth wall in a room and should be given the same attention to detail and design as your other walls.

This has the potential to accentuate and beautify your entire room.

But it can also be very challenging.

The type of material must first be decided.

There are a variety of materials to choose from, some which serve more than just an aesthetic purpose.

One of the more common materials is gypsum.

It is popular because of its durability, affordability and easiness to install.

It is fire resistant and is excellent at isolating sound, making it the ideal choice for buildings with more than one level.