Pavers Installation

Whether you are looking to add a durable driveway, a whimsical walkway, or a patio with some pizzazz, concrete pavers can help your yard look its best. With a range of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from, pavers provide a versatile landscaping option which can be customized to produce designs which are as dramatic or low-key as you like.  


But pavers aren't all about looks, its concrete nature mean that they are durable and low maintenance, capable of withstanding the everyday usage and exposure to elements, while preserving your beautiful landscape for years to come.

TriniHelper offers a wide range of paver installation services, however, there are many factors which affect the selection of the right paver type for your application; a brief description of these are provided below to help you decide which is best suited to your desired outcome.

Type of Pavers - There are five types of concrete pavers commonly available in Trinidad & Tobago: Brick, Tropic-I, Tri Hex, Contemporary and Grass Pavers.


Colour - Brick, Tropic I and Tri Hex are available in three colors: natural (gray), red or black, while Contemporary Pavers are available in five colors: natural (gray), Merlot, Amaretto, Java, and Onyx. Grass Pavers are only available in its natural color.


Shapes and Sizes - Brick, Tropic I, Tri Hex and Grass Pavers are available in one areal dimension, however, the Tropic I and Tri Hex have thicker variants which are suited to heavier applications. Contemporary Pavers are available in three areal sizes, which provides greater design freedom than other Paver types.

Installation Pattern -  The choices of installation patterns are dependent on the type of Pavers. Tri Hex and Tropic I Pavers are perhaps the most limited with their unique shape, however, design can be incorporated using their three colour options.  Brick Pavers offer more flexibility, allowing for number of installation patters such as: stacked, block and herringbone. Contemporary Pavers offer the greatest design flexibility with its 3 sizes and 5 colours which allow for 50 possible design options. 

Installation Method - These five types have a common installation method which requires a compacted aggregate base of varying thickness, overlain by a 2" thick sharp sand base. The thickness of the aggregate base varies depending on the application between 3" for residential applications to 8" for commercial applications.

Getting started with your project!


If you're considering adding Pavers to your landscape, then try our user-friendly Pavers Installation Calculator to generate an instant estimate. With over 10 years experience, our installers are proficient and will ensure that you receive a high-quality outcome. To learn more about our providers and see images of their work please visit TriniHelper's Landscaping providers.