Moulding and Trim Installation

Moulding can add formal or casual elements, create new architectural interest, develop a sense of scale, incorporate and enhance pre-existing architectural features and bring in complementary or contrasting colours and textures.


We truly believe that no room looks or feels complete without moulding and Trims. As much as mouldings enhance the aesthetics of any room they also add to the functionality, chair rails protect your walls while transition moulding is necessary for completing any flooring. At TriniHelper we provide you with the installation of the following mouldings: 


  • Crown Moulding

  • Skirting 

  • Chair Rails

  • External Moulding


Below are images of our completed moulding installation jobs. To get an instant estimate or request a quote for your moulding installation,  please use our  Molding Installation Calculator.


To complement the beauty of moulding and trim, we have started offering stairway remodelling, where you can choose from a range of flooring and handrail options to transform your stairway to a focal point of your home's decor. To learn more and get instant estimates, try out our new Stairway Calculator.