Lawn Planting and Maintenance

Everybody knows that adding a lawn to your landscape significantly improves the visual appeal of your home. But did you know, lawns have many other benefits beyond aesthetics? For instance, with up 90% of its weight at its roots, lawn grass is one of the most effective natural ways to prevent soil erosion. Additionally, lawn surfaces absorb some of the sun's heat to provide a natural cooling effect in your yard. If this is not enough, lawn grass also absorbs dust and other pollutants, with a 50' x 50' healthy lawn converting enough carbon dioxide to oxygen to supply a family of four. TriniHelper Landscaping provides you with options of Turf, Savannah or Artificial Grass for your lawn. 

Lawn Grass

There are three types of grasses commonly available in Trinidad & Tobago: Zoysia, Bermuda (Turf Grass) and St Augustine (Savannah Grass). Each of these has unique characteristics which make them ideal for different applications.

Bermuda Grass - is a fine to medium leaf texture, dark green, dense and low growing variety. Bermuda grass is wear resistant and is recommended for heavy traffic residential and commercial landscapes, such as homes with children and pets. It has a high tolerance for heat and drought and is capable of going dormant in drought and going green again once moisture supply is returned. This type of grass has poor adaptation to shaded areas is best suited to areas which have full access to sunlight.

Bermuda grass is a slow growing, low maintenance variety which has an optimum mowing height of 1-2 inches and requires about 1 inch of water every 4-7 days. It is aggressive enough to compete with weeds, reducing the need for chemical controls.

St. Augustine Grass - commonly referred to as 'Savannah Grass' in Trinidad & Tobago, St Augustine Grass is a coarse leaf texture grass with a light to medium green colour. Centipede grass establishes rapidly and is low to moderate maintenance. It is well adapted to tropical climates with temperatures in excess of 37 C.  It has excellent resistance to drought, capable of going dormant and going green again once moisture supply is returned. St. Augustine Grass has poor to excellent shade adaptation which varies among varieties. St Augustine grass is rapid growing and has an optimum mowing height of 2-3 inches, requiring about 1/2 to 1 inches of water every 3-6 days. 

Artificial Turf - is a synthetic alternative to grass consisting of a permeable backing with threaded filaments colored to look like different varieties of grass. Artificial grass is ideal for home owners wanting the appearance of a beautiful turf without the need for watering, weeding or fertilizing. Installing Artificial Turf is more expensive than planting a new lawn, however some of this cost is recovered over time given its lower maintenance cost when compared to real turf. Although this may appear to be the perfect solution, it does have some drawbacks: Artificial Turf cannot absorb and break down pet urine and a regular hosing off is necessary to prevent odors. Additionally, Artificial turf can heat up and radiate heat to its surroundings when placed in direct sunlight.

Getting started with your Lawn

If you'd like to add a lawn to your yard then TriniHelper's Landscapers can help you get started. We provide you with a complete lawn planting solution inclusive of grading, soil amendments, tilling and plug planting.  With over 10 years experience, our landscapers are knowledgeable in lawn planting and maintenance and will ensure that the end result is nothing short of a lush beautiful turf. To learn more about or providers and see images of their work please visit TriniHelper's Landscaping providers.

We have also provided you with our Lawn Planting Calculator, to help you instantly estimate of the cost to plant your lawn using the different grasses above.

Zoysia Grass - is a fine to medium coarse leaf texture grass with a light to medium green colour. Zoysia grass has the best wear resistance of any grass is recommended for very heavy traffic areas, however, it may be slow to recover from severe thinning. It has a high tolerance for heat, capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 37 C and remaining green over short periods of drought. This type of grass is relatively well adapted to shaded areas, but growth may be slowed.

Zoysia grass is a slow growing, low maintenance variety which has an optimum mowing height of 1/4- 1 1/2 inches and requires about 1 inch of water every 4-7 days. The dense turf produced by Zoysia grass prevents most weeds from appearing.